Zero Unemployment & Zero Poverty

All unemployed persons will be engaged in a variety of community-based enterprises.

Zero Carbon Emissions with minimal impact on businesses

Becoming carbon neutral is so critical to the survival of our planet that nothing short of just getting the job done will suffice. This will be done in a way that will achieve the goal of zero emissions while at the same time minimising any negative  impact on businesses. 

Crime Reduction

We will provide the funds to ensure the correct ratio of police officers and the correct training is there to ensure the safety of all Australians. 

The Majority of Australians will receive a pay rise

Everyone becoming part of our Community Enterprises  will receive the equivalent of $1,633 per week

Eliminate the Housing Crisis

Given the seriousness of the issue, housing will be given the priority it deserves and will be one of the first Community Enterprises that will be commenced. Its goal will be to buy housing, where appropriate, or build enough accommodation to house those who need it.


For a Society to work, the Democratic, Legal & Economic systems must provide Equal Opportunity for all. Register your support here!

Free University Study

We will offer students who are part of the Community Enterprise System Free University study.  

Business Wages Subsidy for Employees

We will subsidise 100% of current wages for all employees earning less than $85,000 per annum. Which will increase business profits.

12 months' paid maternity/paternity shared leave 

Parents will be paid the equivalent of $1,633 per week to look after their newborn for the first 12 months.

Aged Pensioners eligible to receive substantial income increase

Old Age Pensioners will be able to earn up to $1,633 per week by working in one of the Community Enterprises. 

Community Enterprises

Together, we can solve any issue!

Farm Subsidies to reinvigorate the industry

Our model will increase the demand for Australian farm products; it will subsidise the majority of the wages bill as well as ensure that farms have the necessary staff and equipment required to make them work. 

Paying for our Plans

We will save billions of dollars by implementing our Community Enterprise model and these savings will be used to pay for all the above and more!


Skilled labourers from overseas will continue to be allowed to settle in Australia.

However, in the first 3 years we will focus on fixing issues within our communities first while looking at sustainable ways to increase our intake of migrants and refugees.

Our guarantee!
We pledge to fulfill all our promises without the need to increase taxes during the term of our government!

We can do Better. Equal Opportunity for All!
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We will ensure that Schools continue to have the right staff to student ratio per classroom. We will also rectify any other resource shortage that currently exits to ensure our kids are getting the best education possible.


Hospitals will have the right ratio of staff, as per the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). This will mean shorter wait times, better health outcomes and fewer adverse events. 

Border Protection

The armed forces will be boosted with more personnel and research facilities to bolster Australia's defence capabilities. 

Reducing Taxes

Once all the above have been achieved, we will be reducing Taxes.

Until then, there will be no new or increased taxes introduced!

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We can do Better.

Equal Opportunity for All!

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