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We are located in Melbourne’s Western suburbs.

Temporary office inside Altona North Community Library.

Corner Millers Rd and McArthurs Rd,

Altona North, Victoria, 3025 

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* All the above policies assume that individuals and businesses agree to participate in the Community Enterprise Model

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Coalition of Independents

For a society to work, the Democratic, Legal & Economic Systems must provide Equal Opportunity for All!

We are starting a Coalition of Independents with the goal of fixing the current inequities. Differing ideologies are fine. This means that whether you are an individual or organisation wishing to support the effort, Regardless of your ideology, we welcome you!

To achieve the above goal of Equal Opportunity for all, UrReferendum is establishing a Co-operative
and a Political Party.

Both are being established in order to achieve the goals as outlined in the discussion paper and this website.

Become a member of the Coalition of Independents even if you're a member of another party. In that instance you'll be a member of the Coalition of Independents without being a member of the UrRefererendum Party. 

All Policies are based around the Counterbalance Economics Model as outlined in the Discussion Paper (Click Here)