Zero Unemployment

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics‘ (ABS) Labour Force report (ABS 2019), there were 715,700 unemployed persons in August 2019. Therefore, the first step to allow the labour force to regain its market equilibrium is for the government to employ all 715,700 in activities that enhance the well-being of society (Community Enterprises) 

Once elected all unemployed will be employed in Community Enhancing Enterprises (that belong to an Australian owned and run Co-operative) and their pay will be pegged to the Average Weekly Earnings (AWE), published by the ABS, currently $1,633 per week.

Doing this would have some major, positive outcomes including:

• It would remove the existing oversupply of labour which allows labour exploitation
• It will encourage employers to pay their employees a real wage, or risk losing them

If you're an employer, you will receive a subsidy equal to the full amount the employee is being paid, not just the increase, which means your business will be more profitable!

Think of it as a Contra-Deal* only better. We pay your staff wages and you provide the equivalent amount of your product or service to Community Enterprise employees.

We will also provide any necessary material required to provide your goods and/or services.

What is Poverty?

According to a government report (Parliament of Australia 2002), ‘Poverty as a concept is difficult to define and during the committee’s inquiry there were differing views among participants as to what constitutes poverty or how best to measure it (a problem shared with academic researchers and the community generally).

One study has argued that the only point of general agreement is that people who live in poverty must live in a state of deprivation, a condition in which their standard of living falls below some minimum acceptable standard’.

According to a report from Melbourne University (Melbourne Institute 2019), a single person was said to be living in Poverty if their income was equal to or less than $529.57 per week.

Once we are elected, Unemployment, Underemployment and Poverty in Australia will become a thing of the past.  

We will achieve this by creating real Full Time community jobs and by making the minimum** weekly income equal to the Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) as discussed earlier, which currently is $1,633 per week.

* Contra-deal is defined as a Barter arrangement between two parties who exchange goods or services without any cash changing hands.

** The AWE minimum will only apply to Australian citizens and those awaiting citizenship.

We can do Better. Time for a Real Change!

All Policies are based around the Counterbalance Economics Model as outlined in the Discussion Paper (Click Here)