Zero Carbon Emissions

The environment and the reduction of carbon emissions have become hot topics, not to mention a matter of life and death for the planet (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate 2019).

Community Credits as a means of removing barriers to becoming Carbon-Neutral

Implementing Community Credits (CC) and the commencement of Community Enterprises will help existing businesses become carbon-neutral by immediately removing the barriers to eliminating carbon emissions. In other words, becoming carbon-neutral is so critical to the survival of our planet that nothing short of  getting the job done will suffice. For this reason, a Community Enterprise (CE) will be developed using CE employees and resources that will work with existing businesses to reduce their carbon emissions to zero, in the shortest possible time period.

In the instance, where carbon emissions cannot be brought to zero, then a decision will need to be made by the government of whether the benefits of keeping this business going outweighs the benefits of closing it. In this instance an equitable exit strategy or redeployment of assets should be developed for and with the businesses affected.

The deployment of the above model is the surest and most effective plan proposed to date to allow Australia and the rest of the world to become carbon neutral quickly enough to avoid the catastrophic climate changes heading our way.

No other model comes close, so if you care about your family, your community and the environment, register you details to help us make this model a reality.

We can do Better. Time for a Real Change!

All Policies are based around the Counterbalance Economics Model as outlined in the Discussion Paper (Click Here)