Reducing Taxes

According to a recent government report (Parliament of Australia 2016), the government will spend around $191.8 billion this year in social welfare in Australia. This is up from $158.6 billion in 2015/16 and is set to continue to increase.

Implementing the Community Enterprise model will save the government billions of dollars every year.

A key strategy for any government that wishes to improve the economy of the country is to reduce the burden of tax on businesses and individuals wherever possible.

Initially, some of the funds that are saved will be used to set up Community Enterprises for the CE employees. A further sum will be used to subsidise existing enterprises for the raw materials needed to pay back the labour being used. A further amount will be used to upgrade the infrastructure, so that we becomes carbon-neutral as quickly as possible.

Once the foundation has been laid and everyone is meaningfully employed, the community is carbon-neutral, the community is repairing the environment and all the other pressing matters have been taken care of, there will be an opportunity to reduce the tax burden, as this will further stimulate growth in the economy.

In the meantime, we pledge not to increase any taxes during the term of our government.

We can do Better. Time for a Real Change!

All Policies are based around the Counterbalance Economics Model as outlined in the Discussion Paper (Click Here)