Paying for our Plans

Eliminate most if not all welfare spending

According to a recent government report (Parliament of Australia 2016), the government will spend around $191.8 billion this year in social welfare in Australia. This is up from $158.6 billion in 2015/16 and is set to continue to increase.

The key areas of support include:

  • Income support payments such as pensions and allowances like Newstart
  • Family payment such as Family Tax Benefit
  • Paid parental leave pay
  • Childcare fee assistance payments
  • Funding for aged care services
  • Funding for disability services
  • Payments and services for veterans and their dependents

All the above payments will be replaced with Contra-Deal Credits.

Timebanking / Contra-deal Credits* (CC)

Contra-deal credits are a Digital Currency similar to Bitcoin and will be issued by the Government as payment for all Community Enterprise Employees.

We will implement the Community Enterprise and the Community Credit currency system within 12 months of being elected.

We pledge to fulfill all our promises and not to increase any taxes during the term of our government.

We can do Better. Time for a Real Change!

All Policies are based around the Counterbalance Economics Model as outlined in the Discussion Paper (Click Here)

* Contra-deal is defined as a Barter arrangement between two parties who exchange goods or services without any cash changing hands.