Skilled labourers from overseas will continue to be allowed to settle in Australia.

In our first term however, the number of Asylum Seekers allowed into the country will not be increased while we are expanding our infrastructure and fixing the issues that exist within our communities.

Once that has occurred, we will ask the board (all Australians) how they want the issue of those seeking asylum in Australia to be handled and act accordingly. For a more complete overview of the process that will be followed, you can review our policy on Democracy.

In the meantime, all non violent Refugees and Asylum Seekers upon arrival, will be cared for and treated as guests. They will be provided with accommodation, a job in a Community Enterprise and a temporary visa of up to 2 years to allow them to fulfill Australian Citizenship requirements.

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All Policies are based around the Counterbalance Economics Model as outlined in the Discussion Paper (Click Here)